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Here you will find all information about copyright, copyright notice clearance,
royalty-free music protected with content ID.
If you have received a 'copyright notice' (also know as a 'flag' or 'claim') on your YouTube video,
please don’t worry! As my entire portfolio is protected with Content ID, this is normal and expected.
Clearing such notices is very easy, and takes just 2 minutes! 
To 'clear' your video, just click on the 'CLEAR MY VIDEO' button 
and fill out the 'HAAWK' form.

You will need:

  1.  Your full name 

  2.  Your email address

  3.  The link to your YouTube video.

  4.  Attachment of your license of the music in question as a PDF or (.txt)  

  5. Copy/paste the message below in the “Additional Message” box of the HAAWK form: 

“I have purchased a license to use the music track “[Title of the Track]” by AllenGrey  from the website '' or  '',  and have the right to use the track on YouTube.  I am pasting my license information below as proof:  *paste license info here *​

The claim should be released within 24 hours after you click SUBMIT. 

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